Michigan Trail Directory-Lower Peninsula

Michigan Trail Directory-Lower Peninsula

Michigan Multi-Use Trails Directory &  Map

Michigan’s multi-use trails stretch more than 2,100 miles across the state.  Trail surfaces are indicated by icons for paved trails, crushed stone, unimproved,  boardwalk or road sections as represented in the trail chart. State parks are included as additional places to bike, hike and camp. Listings also include icons when trails are shared with horses, snowmobiles and/or ORVs.

The Michigan Multi-Use Trails Directory & Map is a general overview of the trail system across the state for trails 3.5 miles and longer and is updated biennially. Please refer to the websites listed for each trail for additional details (all websites are linked from the downloadable map, just over the address with your curser, then click and open the corresponding website).

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Trail Etiquette

  • Stay to the right on the trail.
  • Hikers, runners and bikers should always yield to horses.
  • Bicyclists should yield to hikers and runners
  • Snowmobiles and ORVs should slow down and give the right of way to any skiers, hikers, persons on snowshoes or dogsleds.
  • Downhill traffic should yield to uphill traffic.
  • When hiking with your dog, ensure they are  on a leash 6-feet or shorter.
  • When approaching others from behind,  let others know you are approaching. For example, runners and cyclists commonly say “on your left” when passing.
  • For more trail etiquette, visit

Trail Vacation

For things to do and accommodations along the trails, visit

To join us for the Michigander Bicycle Tour, visit

Michigan Trail Directory - Upper Peninsula

Michigan Trail Directory – Upper Peninsula

Trail Directory Notes
Some trails have associated notes to indicate for example;  paved sections in town, horses permitted on a portion of the trail rather than the entire trail, cross country skiing on one portion and snowmobiles on the other and more.  We have annotated the trail name with an asterisk (*). Due to space constraints on the printed map and updates as they occur, all companion notes on trails with noted with an asterisk (*) may be found by clicking  here.

We appreciate collaboration. To ensure accuracy, send all updates to this directory via email. Thank you.


Download Michigan Multi-Use Trails Directory & Map

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