Coronavirus Resource Page

This Stay Home. Stay Safe. order has many Michigan residents getting outside on public lands, trails, and parks. We highly encourage the use of these outdoor spaces, but with some serious adjustments.

Heart of the Lakes, mParks, and Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance have worked together to provide important guidelines to follow when getting outside during a pandemic!

Download and share these helpful tips

The COVID-19 pandemic is life and death for so many people. Please conduct yourself respectfully with that in mind. Remember to stay at least 6ft apart from others.








Don’t go out if you’re sick, exhibiting symptoms, or have been in contact with those who have. Keep a safe distance from others.

Groups are a no-go. Consider avoiding busy areas and times of day. Wash your hands before and after leaving your house and follow CDC guidelines carefully.






Like your backyard, neighborhood, or 10 minutes down the road. Far away destinations or that bike trail an hour down the road are wonderful, but the further you travel, the more potential you have to spread illness.







It’s not the time for stoke-inducing activities where you could get hurt. Healthcare systems are overwhelmed and will continue to be. The stoke can wait, find a chill activity instead.








If public lands are closed, don’t go. If public lands are open, be mindful that areas might have limited maintenance. Remove your trash, and use the restroom before you leave the house. Check regional guidelines and closures.








MTGA has worked with partners like WCMU throughout the pandemic to encourage safe outdoor recreation.