Event Calendar


October 10: Walk to School Day

October 13: The Wampum Chapter will be at this year’s Zelienople Fall Festival

October 13: Hike with Spirit of the Woods

October 14: Wampum & KOC Hike for Kidz

October 20: Brunch and Color Tour Hike

October 21: Pumpkin Pie Hike


November 4: Tree Identification Hike

November 10: Fundraiser at Ethanology

November 17: Silver Bells in the City 5K Run/Walk

November 17: Kent County – National Take a Hike Day


December 8: East Lake Hike and Potluck

December 9: GTHC Tis’ the Season Annual Hike and Dinner

DIY Trails Events…

Every week, great things are happening on Michigan trails. Just look at some of the activities you can do yourself or in a group:

  • Ride the trails.
  • Take a stroll.
  • Walk your dog.
  • Volunteer at your local shelter to walk dogs in need.
  • Join a strolling photography class.
  • Get together with local birdwatchers.
  • Connect with a walking exercise group.
  • Take a tour of historic trail sites.
  • Take a bicycle vacation.