Trail Benefits

  • Benefits of Non-Motorized Transportation Facilities: Research Summary from Midland, Isabella, Kent, Grand Traverse and Leelanau Counties.
  • Benefits of Trails and GreenwaysThis presentation was given at the Genesee Regional Trails and Greenways Summit in January 2008. This summit was presented by the Genesee Regional Trail Council.
  • Economic (and other) Benefits of Trails, Greenways and Open Space: This document describes the comprehensive benefits of Green Infrastructure (trails and greenways), including habitat and biodiversity enrichment, the maintenance of natural landscape processes, clean air and water, reduction of traditional grey infrastructure and community service cost, recreational and transportation opportunities, health improvement, and an enhanced economic vitality.
  • Economic Benefits of Trails for Property Values: New research from the University of Cincinnati suggests that location near nature trails could hold a financial benefit for homeowners and ultimately neighboring communities.