Michigander Bicycle Tour Gets A New Look

Michigander IdentityThe Michigander Bicycle Tour has a new look. To mark the 25th Ride, the team at Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance (MTGA) , Michigan Fitness Foundation (MFF) and GUD Marketing have rolled out a new ride identity system.

The Michigander’s iconic design evolved out of planning and research sessions between Dennis Pace and Terry Sietling. Dennis is an active trail biker, runner, and skier, traveling all across Michigan. He contributes his communications and graphics expertise to MTGA on a regular basis and has been on the MTGA board since 2006. He was the founder of Pace & Partners which transitioned to Güd Marketing in 2011. Terry received his bachelor of arts in creative advertising and design from Michigan State University, worked as a graphic designer in the festival and hospitality industries and understands the importance of conceptual design to convey a story through design. He is also a board member of the Mid-Michigan Creative Alliance, which is affiliated with the American Advertising Federation.

GUD Marketing shares “Terry brings ideas to life with exploration and articulate execution in design and illustration. His process allows him to think, rethink, reshape and connect the creative dots needed to complete a project. He has a passion that shines through in the details with typography, color, space and texture.”

Nancy Krupiarz, executive director of MTGA described the new design; “The shield that frames the design echos the shield found on the head plates on touring bicycles and it evokes the landscape of Michigan’s rolling hills, while the M is iconic for two reasons; it represents the M in Michigander and the handlebars of a bicycle”.   She elaborates “the color scheme they created is spot on; the blues represent the summer sky and fresh waters of the Great Lakes, while the greens represent the farmlands and forests riders experience throughout the ride.” Both agree, it is a fresh representation of the ride through the eyes of an artist, we just love it.”

The Michigander Bicycle Tour takes place from July 16-23, 2016 in West Michigan and Michigan’s Gold Coast. Cyclists will travel over paved trails, crushed limestone, and rural back roads – arriving at great camping and loads of fun events. This classic bicycle tour offers 2-Day, 6-Day and 8-Day options and includes breakfast and dinner daily, camping and full ride support. To register, click on www.michigander.bike.

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