Congrats, Catalyst Fund Recipients!

October 2, 2023

Michigan Trails & Greenways Alliance is pleased to announce the recipients of the Catalyst Fund, a program designed to provide much-needed support for organizations embarking on trail development or improvement efforts. Our review team selected four outstanding organizations to receive funding, each contributing significantly to the expansion and improvement of Michigan’s trail network.

The following organizations have been awarded grants from the Catalyst Fund:
West Michigan Trails was awarded $2,500 to acquire planning services for creating a regional, nonmotorized master trail plan. The plan shall include existing trails, planned trails, trail improvements, trail connections, trail gaps, and an action plan.
Lowertown Riverfront Conservancy was awarded $5,000 to develop and complete Broadway Park West’s trail system design documentation. Once completed, the trail system will connect existing Border to Border and Treeline trails while providing a unique destination location with facilities, dining, and recreational activities.
Muskegon County Bicycle Coalition was awarded $5,000 to undertake the Muskegon/Grand Haven Area Greenways Planning process to connect urban and suburban residents to these regional trails through low-stress active transportation routes. Resulting in a comprehensive plan with robust community engagement, identification of a complete network in the urban core, and high-quality renderings of different facility types.
Chamber Alliance of Mason County was awarded $5,000 for trail segment analysis and prioritization for their Mason County Trails Development Plan. This process would serve as the first phase of their ultimate project, which is to create a multi-use trail system that will connect with regional trail systems.

The goal of MTGA’s Catalyst Fund was simple – to offer financial support at the front end of trail development. We know trails don’t just happen. They require patience, perseverance, a lot of planning, and dedicated individuals shepherding the project along the way. There were an impressive number of applications from around the state, and our review team agreed that the four projects above aligned well with our grant program’s objectives and focus areas.
“We are thrilled to support these impactful projects through the Catalyst Fund,” said Andrea LaFontaine, Executive Director of Michigan Trails & Greenways Alliance. “Their unwavering commitment to enhancing Michigan’s trails and greenways aligns perfectly with our mission, and we are confident that these investments will yield long-lasting benefits for communities across the state.”
The Catalyst Fund grants will provide the necessary financial support to help these organizations realize their trail and greenway projects, creating lasting positive impacts on local communities. Michigan Trails & Greenways Alliance looks forward to partnering with these organizations and witnessing the positive changes they will bring to Michigan.

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