Michigander Bicycle Tour Celebrates Nature

Michigan Trails & Greenways Alliance, January 25, 2018

The official Michigander Bicycle Tour ride jersey design collaborates with ride director Mary McGuire Slevin and Michigan Fitness Foundation graphic designer Charli Holloway. Celebrating nature in North Central Michigan, the art elements give a nod to the rays of the rising sun with Michigan’s State Stone, the Petoskey Stone, interpreted in a graphic on the sleeves and sides of the jersey. Then the deep blue-grey color of the body of the jersey depicts the color of the night sky long after the sunset in the Straits of Mackinac. The deer are perfectly fitting as they are abundant in the Upper Midwest and a welcome sight in the forests of Northern Michigan. The bicycle gears on the front of the jersey and behind the deer celebrate the bicycle. And this classic cycling vacation is all about celebrating summer by leaving the world behind through an active vacation on two wheels.

Charli Holloway is a young, motivated graphic designer who thrives on helping others create a better business for themselves through beautiful, effective designs. Her work ranges from logo design and branding to layout design and advertising in print and digital media. She strives to create simple yet strong elements that are tailored to brand needs. Charli is continuing to delve deeper into the wonderful world of design to learn new techniques and be an inspiration to others.

Mary McGuire Slevin is also a graphic designer in addition to her work as ride director for the Michigander. Telling a story through art is something she loves to do, and after summering in this region as a child to moving and living on Mackinac Island for over a decade, she has a unique perspective on the colors and landscape of the Straits of Mackinac region.

Together, Charli and Mary had fun creating this design by researching colors and themes that would stand out in the forested trails. Working with the input of the Michigander Committee helped ensure it was fun and representative of this very special region.

For the riders, this is more than something to wear, and it is a remembrance of their incredible athletic accomplishment by completing the 2-Day, 6-Day, or 8-Day Michigander Bicycle Tour on their summer vacation in Northern Michigan.

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