Michigan Trails Commends Legislature for Providing Over $4 Million in Trail Funding

Michigan Trails & Greenways Alliance, June 14, 2018

Old Town, Lansing, MI — Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance applauds the recent work of the Michigan Legislature in adding over $4 million in funding from state grants for important trail development projects in Oceana and Tuscola counties and the Traverse Area Recreation Trail system.

In recognition of Michigan as the number one trails state in the country, the Legislature appropriated funds from Michigan Enhancement Grants and other community investment programs to help support our state trail system. Michigan Trails commends Senators Mike Green, Goeff Hansen, and Wayne Schmidt for supporting previous legislative trails initiatives and their leadership in securing these vital funds.

Michigan Trails Executive Director Bob Wilson notes this focused legislative activity continues to demonstrate an all-time high level of support for trails within the Legislature. “We have seen repeated emphasis on trail development in both the House and the Senate with key pieces of legislation passing both houses with bipartisan support,” said Wilson. “The actions of Senators Green, Hansen and Schmidt give credence to the DNR’s recent report that trail development is the number one local recreation need.”

Wilson looks forward to more legislative activity in this session with a renewed effort to pass SJR O and the potential for a new state water trail program taking shape. “It’s a bold new day for trail work in Michigan, and we should all be proud of the work of the Michigan Legislature,” exclaimed Wilson. “We look forward to more support and recognition for our trails system during Michigan trails week, the last week of September.”

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