MTGA celebrates renaming of Lakelands trail state park to honor mike Levine

Michigan Trails & Greenways Alliance, May 29, 2018

Old Town, Lansing, MI — The Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance is proud to support the recognition of philanthropist and trails advocate Mike Levine for his work on Lakelands Trail State Park as the Natural Resources Commission recently honored him by renaming the trail park the Mike Levine Lakelands Trail State Park.  Key state and local officials will gather at the Pinckney Depot to celebrate Mike and his passion for trail building at a morning ceremony.

“Mike Levine is an inventor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, Pinckney resident, and above all, a tireless supporter of the Great Lake-to-Lake Trails Route #1 and Michigan trails movement in general,” said Bob Wilson, Executive Director of the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance. “He has pledged his time, his passion, and millions of dollars to expand and improve trails throughout the state.”

“While so many have focused on his philanthropic efforts, and they are significant, I want to focus my thanks today for his role as a citizen steward who deeply believes in the vital role that trails play in making Michigan a better place to live, work and play,” continued Wilson. “To me, Mike’s real strength lies in this belief and the passion that he brings to trail building. If we had more people like Mike who could share their time and passion for making policy changes in Lansing, this state would be a far better place.”

Michigan Trails announced the creation of a new annual award that will commemorate the spirit of trail commitment that Mike has shown us all – The Michigan Trails Mike Levine Annual Trail Volunteer of the Year Award.  Every year during trails week in September, Michigan Trails will recognize one individual in this state who has displayed the kind of passion and personal commitment to advancing trails in Michigan that Mike has shown us all.

Wilson hopes others are inspired by Mike Levine’s contribution to Michigan’s trails and become more engaged citizen stewards. “This state is a far better place when we can enable and support the kind of citizen stewardship and citizen responsibility that Mike has demonstrated,” explained Wilson.

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